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Trusted for over two decades, ResumeRabbit has consistently ranked as a top candidate monetization offer for partners, offering a new and reliable source of revenue.

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Rooted in the science of resume writing and the art of interviewing, Talent Inc. offers a full suite of career services including ResumeRabbit.

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ResumeRabbit has empowered job seekers to optimize and expand their job searches since 2001, by providing a one-stop space to upload their resumes and simultaneously post to 65 job sites at once.

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ResumeRabbit will continue its mission to help job seekers find their next job with a fresh new presence and robust user experience


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ResumeRabbit is a great partner. They help us provide our job seekers with a value-added service that is invaluable when searching for a job in a competitive market, and their team could not be easier to work with.